An Open Letter to the Mennonite Church Regarding LGBTQ+ Inclusion

An open letter to Mennonite Church Canada leadership and the Being a faithful Church committee, from SingingMenno!

Singing Menno

Dear Willard Metzger and Mennonite Church Canada,

Over the past few months, I have come to embrace my identity as a queer Mennonite. However I am still in the process of coming out to my larger circle, and I trust you and the BFC committee to respect my confidentiality in this matter.

The Mennonite Church was essentially silent with regards to sexuality as I was growing up. In conversations with others, both heterosexual and LGBTQ+, I have found common threads of shame and confusion. For years I struggled with feelings of shame in relation to my sexuality, though I was too afraid and ill-informed to put words to my feelings. It was only after becoming more independent and moving away from home that I was able to acknowledge my identity, which is fortunate, as in high school, I would have felt trapped and unable to access resources. I wouldn’t have…

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